Community Highlight: Commander Skill Builder by HYPE


In today’s part of the Community Highlight series, we are happy to share this amazing tool, useful for building Commander skill configurations – the Commander Skill Builder!


The Commander Skill Builder is available on a dedicated web site.

It lists all the commanders in the game and allows you to:

  • Check the results of different skill builds without having to reset your Commander in the game
  • See the way the same skills stack and the resulting effect on the performance of a Commander
  • Download and upload Commander configurations in order to work on them later
  • Exchange and discuss finished builds with each other.

The best builds will be integrated as recommended builds directly into the CSB. The CSB is available in English, German, French, Polish and Hungarian.

The authors of the CSB are:

  • Inside_tank – original idea, coordination, layout development
  • Tiryan – advanced programming
  • Sebastor – Polish localization
  • Nathan84 – French localization
  • Cupa – German localization
  • Ectorr – Hungarian localization

All of these players will receive a reward as a thanks for creating this amazing tool.

We’ll see you on the battlefield!

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