Community day

Dear players,

It's that time - time to present some of the best content the Armored Warfare community has created to this day!

Sidestrafe played Armored Warfare with Circonflexes and Bis18marck70 - how did they like it? Let's find out!

Check out Fizzymilk757's Youtube channel - it's full of wonderful videos! Here is an example - Fizzymilk takes a look at the new, rebalanced Sheridan. What does he think about it? Watch the video!

Woras made another video of his "Armored War Fares" series - some glitches sure can get hilarious (doesn't mean we won't fix them)!

And here are some of the best entries in the "draw a tank in MSPaint" competition:

"Leopard" by PhoLover93


"Leclerc "B.R.E.A.D" by requin789


M48 Patton by mhyron


Wiesel by Vingles_1969


PL-01 by Jaksza98PL


...and last but not least, the T30 by Firegate


Interested in becoming a featured community contributor? Let us know of the content you created!

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