Community day

Dear players,

As our community grows bigger, so does the number of excellent posts, art and fan websites dedicated to Armored Warfare. We will be featuring these community contributions on the portal regularly, showing you the best our players have created.

Today we’d like to introduce you to the first community contribution - the Armored Talk blog.


Armored Talk is run by Bspooky and is one of the finest English Armored Warfare blogs on the net. Inside, you can find a lot of info from the portal and AW forums both, including the summaries of what was said and announced by the developers so you never lose track of what’s going on in Armored Warfare!

The site has excellent design and a lot of content, including for example:

And much more! It's certainly a site worth visiting if you want to stay on top of all the news from Armored Warfare in English.

Interested in being featured as community contributors? Let us know about your ideas, articles, creations!

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