The Chieftain Approaches

Ladies and gentlemen, please take your hats off for the legendary British main battle tank – the Chieftain! In Armored Warfare the Chieftain is a real beast that will be available to everyone in the Open Beta phase – being a tier 5 MBT, you won’t have to wait years to play with it and once you get it, you keep it, because there’s no replacing the Chieftain!


Gun - an uncompromising 120 millimeters of British firepower will make your enemies tremble before your might. Its L11 rifled gun will tear apart anyone foolish enough to engage the Chieftain head-on.


Armor – its thick hide, enhanced by a Stillbrew armor package, will protect you from incoming fire while you enjoy the pinnacle of British engineering – a device of untold sophistication envied by all the militaries of the world. That’s right – we are talking about nothing less than one of the greatest military inventions of all time – the boiling vessel! This ingenious apparatus allows tankers to knock out enemy vehicles in style– with a hot cuppa in one hand!


Mobility – the Chieftain might not be the fastest thing around, but its protection and firepower more than make up for this handicap. Besides – you can’t drive very fast while holding that cup of tea anyway. So come and try out the Chieftain in the Open Beta phase – in Armored Warfare, you don’t wait for tanks, the tanks wait for you!

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