Celebrating Halloween


Normally, we celebrate Halloween with some truly scary stuff. You know what we mean; lootboxes, creative mission conditions, maybe even a garage that makes a loud noise every now and then. This year, however... well, let’s face it, it’s been scary enough. Let us therefore celebrate this year’s end of October with a generally non-terrifying gift.


Between October 31 and November 3, 2020 (15:00 CET), apart from a 30% Commander XP income bonus, a free bundle will be available on MY.GAMES Market, containing:

  • Special Halloween camouflage called Walpurgis Night
  • Vampire player avatar
  • 3 Halloween decals

We hope that you will enjoy this Halloween even with what’s going on in the world and wish you safe and pleasant holidays.


PS: We were just kidding; the screaming garage is still on the menu, boys!

See you on the battlefield!

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