Celebrating German Unity


Once again, it’s time to celebrate the Day of German Unity! The Day of German Unity is an important German holiday, celebrating the reunification of Germany after four decades of being split into East and West, following the results of the Second World War. The reunification of Germany process that ended on October 3, 1990 and the fall of the Berlin Wall represented the start of a new era of prosperity and democracy in the Federal Republic of Germany.


For the celebrations, we’ve prepared the following bonuses for you:

  • October 1 to October 8: 50% bonus to Crew XP income from all battles
  • October 3 to October 6: 25% bonus to Credit income from all battles

Additionally, we’ve prepared a special German Unity Day gift for you, obtainable between October 3 (tomorrow, 16:00 CEST) and October 6 at MY.GAMES Market. It contains:

  • German KMW camouflage (read more)
  • German soldier player avatar
  • 3 day temporary version of the Leopard Revolution MBT
  • 3 days of Premium Time

We hope you will enjoy these gifts and, as always:

See you on the battlefield!

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