Celebrating the End of WW2 in Europe


To celebrate the anniversary of the end of the Second World War in Europe, we’ve prepared a gift, two bonuses, a contest and a special offer for you. As you know already from our previous article, this year’s prizes will be Pacific-themed and we hope you’ll enjoy them!


Bonuses and Gift

Let’s start with the bonuses. Between May 5 and May 10, 2023, the following bonuses will be available:

  • 25% bonus to Battle Coin income from all battles
  • 25% bonus to Credit income from all battles

Additionally, we have a gift for you with the following Pacific-themed items:

  • Camouflage: Japanese (WW2)
  • Decal: U.S. Army Star
  • Decal: Chindit Emblem
  • Decal: Merrill’s Marauders Emblem
  • Decal: Soviet Marines Emblem
  • 2 Platinum Battlefield Glory Boost Tokens

Clicking the link below will open the game’s launcher. Please select the Market option on the left, select Armored Warfare and then the Chest section to access this offer.


Mission and Offer: The Pacific

In addition to the abovementioned bonuses and gift, we have a special mission for you. By completing its objective, you’ll have the opportunity to earn the T-80BV skin for the T-80B MBT, which is based on the modern Russian 155th Separate Guards Marine Brigade of the Pacific Fleet. It bears its tactical sign and symbol. The general design – including the base paint and stripes – is based on a T-80BV exercise that took place in Primorye in the January of 2022.


The objective of the mission is as follows:

Between May 5 (0:01 CEST) and May 15, 2023 (22:59 CEST), win 40 matches in any mode while using an amphibious vehicle. These vehicles can be recognized by having the “Amphibious” trait. The full list of these vehicles is:

List of Amphibious Vehicles (Click to Open)

  • AFT-10
  • Akatsiya
  • AMX-10P PAC 90
  • AMX-10 RCR
  • BMD-1
  • BMD-1P
  • BMD-2
  • BMD-2M
  • BMD-4
  • BMP-1
  • BMP-1P
  • BMP-2
  • BMP-3
  • BMP-3M
  • Dragoon 300-90
  • Dragun 125
  • ERC 90 F4
  • FV438 Swingfire
  • KTO Rosomak
  • Rosomak M1
  • LAV-150 90
  • LAV-300
  • LAV-600
  • M113 ACAV
  • OT-64 Cobra
  • OT-65A
  • Gvozdika
  • PT-76
  • PT-85
  • PTL-02
  • ZBL-08
  • Zhalo-S
  • ST1
  • XM800T

And last but not least, the same T-80BV skin can be found in a bundle in our Market for the duration of this event. If you complete the mission and buy the bundle afterwards (or vice versa), the skin will be compensated with 500 Gold.

Clicking the link below will open the game’s launcher. Please select the Market option on the left and select Armored Warfare to access this offer.


We hope that you’ll enjoy this event and, as always:

See you on the battlefield!

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