Celebrating Easter


The Easter celebrations are upon us with its myriad of culture-specific ways to celebrate. One of the best known Easter traditions is egg hunting where decorated eggs or candies are left hidden for children to find and it is this tradition that made its way into Armored Warfare. But there’s another Armored Warfare tradition we’d like to tell you about today – the tradition of offering gifts for various holidays!


For this year’s Easter, we’ve prepared a small present for you. You may pick it up between April 18 and April 21, 2022 on MY.GAMES Market in the Chest section of the web page. This gift contains:

  • Easter Bunny player avatar
  • Easter Egg – Commander decal
  • Easter Egg – Driver decal
  • Easter Egg – Operator decal
  • Easter Egg – Gunner decal
  • Easter Egg – Engineer decal
  • Platinum Loot Crate

Please note that it was possible to obtain these assets in the past, which is why they may not be appearing on your "item received" screen.


We hope that you will enjoy this small present and will see you on the battlefield!

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