Celebrating Canada Day and the United States Independence Day!

  • Istanbul, June 30 2039

The bar was just like Seagrove imagined a bar in Istanbul would look like. A large room in the basement of a bazaar building filled with ornate wooden tables that had a special area in the middle for water pipes. Large ceiling fans were supported in their valiant effort to save the clientele from suffocating in clouds of cigarette and pipe smoke by an old, rattling industrial-grade air-conditioner that has obviously seen better days. The walls were lined with massive benches, covered with comfy red cushions.

The illusion of an early 20th century establishment was disrupted only by a massive, muted television set above the bar, showing a decade old collection of music videos, and the wild mixture of languages spoken by the men inside.

"Happy Independence Day, Kate!"

She watched him grin like a little boy as he approached her table, followed by an annoyed-looking waiter.

"That’s the 4th of July, dumbass!" she pouted, but her mocked outrage melted at the sight of the slice of apple pie he was holding.

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"Where did you get that?" she almost lunged at him.

His happy grin grew even wider.

"I’ve got my sources."

Slowly, with almost ritualistic reverence, he laid the plate on the table. Pouting again, she raised her fist in a mock threat.


After a few seconds of her withering stare, he finally sighed and rolled his eyes, accepting defeat.

"Fine. Sokolov knew about a place that makes these. You're not the only American in Istanbul, you know."

"Hmm..." she pondered, "perhaps we should pay it a visit. You know. To make sure the pies are really up to American standards."

The waiter coughed discreetly and Seagrove, feeling a little guilty for letting him wait, ordered a coke for them each.

A certain sadness crept into her expression as she took the first bite. With her eyes closed, she took another bite and another until there was nothing left but a few crumbs. With a satisfied nod, she put her fork down.

"Not like home, but it'll do."

She smiled at him, the earlier sadness now gone.

"Thank you."

He smiled back.

"Tell me about home."

Her old wooden chair creaked as she reclined against it. Her gaze wandered off.

"We’d always have a barbecue. Mom and dad, me, my sister. We'd invite the neighbors, they all loved my dad's spare ribs" she smiled to herself.

"I swear. My dad made the best ribs."

"You have a sister?"

Her expression instantly grew cold and just like that, the moment was gone.

"Anyway. Thanks for the pie. Let’s get out of here."

She stood up and left, almost running into the waiter with the two cokes he had ordered. As he watched her step out the door, he sighed, scoffing at himself for bringing the topic up, and decided to pick up more pie for both of them on his way back.



Once again, early July brings us two important North-American holidays – Independence Day in the United States and Canada Day, which marks the unification of the three separate colonies of Canada, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick into modern-day Canada. To celebrate both events, we have the following small gift for you:

From July 1 to July 5 2017, all players will receive 100% bonus to Reputation income!

This bonus will be active during the following times:

  • European server - July 1 (9:00 CEST) to July 5 (9:00 CEST)
  • North American server - July 1 (12 AM PDT) to July 5 (12 AM PDT)

Furthermore, any player, who has played or will play at least one battle in PvP, PvE or Global Operations during the following periods:

  • Round 1: June 23 and June 29
  • Round 2: June 30 and July 4

Will receive the following items:

  • Canadian Flag decal
  • Brand new United States Independence Day decals

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Please note:

  • Round 1 decals will be distributed on June 30 2017
  • Round 2 decals will be distributed on July 5 2017

We hope you enjoy this small gift and we'll see you on the battlefield!

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