Celebrating the First Anniversary!


On the 8th of October, 2016 we are celebrating the first anniversary of the Armored Warfare Open Beta launch!


It has been a long road since the launch, and you’ve been there with us the entire time: through the good times and also when things didn’t go as planned. To thank you for all your continued support, we’ve prepared a series of events, discounts and bonuses for several upcoming days. We hope that you will like them and stay with us through the big upcoming changes to Armored Warfare.

As for the future, we can promise you that we will always listen to your feedback because you—the community—are the most important thing of the entire project.

We’ll see you on the battlefield!

IS-7 Giveaway

We’ve prepared a special reward for you - the legendary IS-7 enters the game as a Tier 3 Premium Main Battle Tank! Play at least 5 PvP or PvE battles between October 8 and October 15 to receive this awesome vehicle for free! Please note that the IS-7 will be awarded after the event.


Please note that in order for a battle to count towards this event’s goal, you have to deal any amount of damage during that respective battle (ramming damage does not count).

Read more about the IS-7 in our preview.

T-64AV Hunter Raffle

Play at least one battle of any type on October 8 to participate in the Tier 5 T-64AV Hunter Main Battle Tank raffle! On Monday, October 10, 200 lucky players (100 players on the NA server and 100 players on the EU server) will be rewarded with a T-64AV hunter!


The winners will be announced in the Community Highlight article on Monday.

Free Platinum Supply Crates

From October 8 to October 14, log in every day to receive one free Platinum Loot Crate per day (7 crates in total for the entire event)!

Platinum crates contain awesome prizes such as boosts and insignias—grab one for yourself! Please note that the crates will be awarded after the event.

First Anniversary Bonuses and Discounts

From October 8 to 15 (9 AM CEST, 12 AM PDT), the following bonuses and discounts will be active:

  • 50% bonus to the Reputation and Credit income
  • 200% (x3) Reputation bonus for the first victory of the day
  • 25% bonus to Credit conversion
  • 20% discount on Premium Time
  • 20% discount on all Premium Vehicles that are available in the client for Gold
  • 20% discount on Global Reputation conversion

We hope you will enjoy these events and will see you on the battlefield!

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