Bradley AAWS-H now available!


The Bradley AAWS-H Tier 8 Premium Tank Destroyer can now be obtained from the Last Patriot Loot Crates that are available to players participating in the American Dream Battle Path. You can read more about it in our dedicated article.

The Last Patriot Loot Crates are available in exchange for surplus Battle Coins. They include blueprint pieces of the Bradley AAWS-H Tier 8 Premium TD (along with a chance for that vehicle to drop directly) as well as pieces of Special Patriot Loot Crates. These Special Crates have to be first assembled and, upon doing so, they drop improved loot, including:

  • Exclusive Premium vehicles (including those from previous Battle Paths, up to Tier 10)
  • Exclusive commanders (including Battle Path ones)
  • Battle Path boosters

These Loot Crates can be obtained in the Crates section in the Battle Path window for the following prices:

  • 1 Crate for 1.200 Battle Coins
  • 5 Crates for 5.500 Battle Coins
  • 10 Crates for 10.000 Battle Coins

See you on the battlefield!

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