Bonuses: U.S. Flag Day


On June 14, the United States of America celebrate the Flag Day, honoring one of the best known symbols of freedom and liberty all across the world – the U.S. flag! Let the Old Glory fly and celebrate the occasion with us!


Between June 12 and June 18, 2019, the following bonuses will be available:

  • 300% Experience income bonus (x4) for the first victory of the day for the PvP (Random Battles) mode
  • 50% bonus to Commander Experience income for every battle

For the duration of this event, you can also pick up a gift on MyLoot in the Chest section of the web page. This gift contains:

  • American Shield decal
  • Bear player avatar

Please note:

  • This event starts on June 12, 16:00 CEST (7 AM PDT, 17:00 MSK)
  • This event ends on June 18, 16:00 CEST (7 AM PDT, 17:00 MSK)

We hope that you will enjoy this event and will see you on the battlefield!

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