Bonus Missions: End of the Second World War


With the anniversary of the end of the Second World War nearly upon us, we’d like to offer you one more opportunity to earn more valuable prizes.


To that end, we’ve prepared a set of bonus missions for you. For each day, win at least 3 matches to receive a valuable prize:

  • May 6: Platinum Loot Crate
  • May 7: 3 days of Premium Time
  • May 8: Platinum Loot Crate
  • May 9: 3 days of Premium Time
  • May 10: Platinum Loot Crate
  • May 11: 400 Gold
  • May 12: 3 Platinum Loot Crates

Please note that to be eligible for a prize, you need to have completed the previous day’s prize as well. In other words, to receive the May 7 prize, you must have received the May 6 prize as well, and so on.

Please note:

  • Each day starts at 00:01 MSK (23:01 CEST) and ends at 23:59 MSK (22:59 CEST)
  • The prizes will be awarded after the end of each day or after the end of the event
  • The event is tracked automatically, you do not have to submit the results anywhere

We hope that you will enjoy this event and, as always:

See you on the battlefield!

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