“Black Sea Incursion” – Update 0.25 Preview


We’ve recently unveiled the entirely new approach to Armored Warfare content updates – Seasons!


Update 0.25 marks the launch of the first season called “Black Sea Incursion” and includes the following features:

  • New Special Operation
  • World Map (Headquarters)
  • Contract Missions
  • Low-Tier Global Operations
  • Commander Skill Changes
  • Loot System Changes
  • Camouflage System Changes
  • PvE Mission “Albatross” Overhaul

As well numerous other fixes and improvements!

New Special Operation

This time, the story-driven Special Operations mode will take you to the war-torn country of Georgia as Magnus Holter explains how he became a war criminal in the first place. Be ready for a tale of betrayal as nothing is as it seems in this story. From the coastal city of Batumi to the mountainous Tkvarcheli area, three new challenging PvE missions await you.


Explore the tale of Magnus Holter and win unique decals, avatars and camouflages in this brand-new mission pack!

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World Map (Headquarters)

The World Map replaces the Garage as the default battle management window, making it easier to select your favorite game mode with just one or two clicks. Manage your vehicles, select your missions, learn about the hottest Armored Warfare news and chat with your friends in the overhauled General Chat window – the Headquarters window offers all this and more.


You can learn more about it in a dedicated article.

Contract Missions

Contract Missions are several series of tasks tied into a single campaign that will initially be available upon launch. It will contain PvP, Global Operations and PvE missions connected to the lore of Armored Warfare and will give you the opportunity to win amazing prizes up to and including Premium vehicles!


You can learn more about it in a dedicated article.

Low-Tier Global Operations

We are introducing a number of changes to the Global Operations mode and are making them available for low Tier vehicles on newly re-designed smaller maps! Learn more about the changes in a dedicated article!

Commander Skill Changes

Upon carefully evaluating the response to and the results of the introduction of the new Commander system, we are introducing a large number of changes to most commanders in the game. These changes will be accompanied by a free skill reset. Stay tuned for more information coming in the near future!


Loot System Changes

Another system that we are making changes to in Update 0.25 is the Loot System. Our goal is to make the Loot Crate drop rules more transparent and consistent, which is why we are switching to a different set of conditions players need to meet in order to obtain them as well as improving their contents to include rental vehicles and even Gold! You can learn more about it in a dedicated article.


Camouflage System Changes

Last but not least, we are introducing several changes to the game’s Camouflage system in order to adjust its performance, especially for dedicated scout AFVs as well as the way the camouflage system interacts with certain commanders. You can learn more about it in a dedicated article.

PvE Mission “Albatross” Overhaul

The PvE mission “Albatross” has been overhauled in order to improve its gameplay as well as to enhance its visuals. You’ll be able to try the new mission out for yourselves soon!


We hope that you will enjoy the launch of the “Black Sea Incursion” and will see you on the battlefield!

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