Battle Path Contest: Killing Spree


The recently launched Enigma’s Legacy Battle Path features several Asian vehicles, it’s therefore only fitting that we have a contest built around this particular sort of machines.


The objective of this contest is as follows – between June 9 and June 14, 2020, play the Random Battles mode and try to obtain the highest amount of kills possible in one battle. Take a screenshot of your result screen and post it in our dedicated Discord Channel.

The players with the most kills will receive the access to the Enigma’s Legacy Battle Path!

What this means is that if the top player achieves 4 kills, all players who also achieve 4 kills and submit their results to the appropriate channel will receive the prize as well.

However, here comes the plot twist:

  • You must be driving an Asian vehicle
  • Only kills against other Asian vehicles count

Here’s the list of vehicles we consider Asian:

List of Asian Vehicles (Click to Open)

  • Type 59 IIA
  • Type 69
  • Type 79
  • Type 80-II
  • Type 85-IIM
  • Type 90-II
  • 9910
  • Type 99
  • Type 99A
  • Type 99A2
  • Type 99A2-140
  • Type 96
  • Type 96A
  • Type 96B
  • VT4
  • VT5
  • K2 Black Panther
  • WZ-1224
  • Type 90
  • K1A1
  • ZBL-08
  • ZBD-86
  • Type 89 IFV
  • K21
  • ST1
  • Type 16 MCV
  • PTZ-89
  • QN-506
  • AFT-10
  • SBS Pindad
  • Type 74
  • Type 10 Hitomaru
  • Seongun-915

Please note:

  • This contest ends on June 14, 2020, at 23:59 CEST
  • The winner has to achieve at least two kills
  • Only results from the (PvP) Random Battle mode count
  • You can submit as many results as you want
  • Please note that if you already have your Battle Path access and win, you will receive 3.000 Battle Coins instead

Good luck and see you on the battlefield!

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