Battle-Hardened Weekend

One of the most popular features of Armored Warfare is the ability to make regular vehicles earn more Credits and Reputation by making them Battle-Hardened. We have prepared a considerable discount on this feature for the upcoming weekend!


From the 11th of March (2 PM CET, 5 AM PST) to the 14th of March 2016, Battle-Hardened status can be purchased with 30% discount.

What is Battle-Hardened Status?

The intent behind Battle Hardened Vehicles is to give players a way to convert their favorite vehicles into ones which resemble a 'Premium-lite' vehicle. Battle Hardened vehicles cost approximately half of an equal tier Premium Vehicle and come with the following benefits:

  • +25% to Credit gains while playing this vehicle
  • +25% to Crew Experience gains while playing this vehicle
  • +25% to Commander Experience gains while playing this vehicle
  • +10% to Reputation earned on the vehicle (including locked reputation)

To unlock Battle Hardened on a specific vehicle, the vehicle must have first reached Renowned status. Once reached, a special "Battle Hardened" node can then be unlocked with gold. Battle Hardened status may only be unlocked on vehicles at or above tier 3.

We hope you will enjoy this discount and will see you on the battlefield!

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