Balance 2.0 - Compensation Guide


Balance 2.0 introduces a large number of major changes to Armored Warfare, which is why we have compiled a compensation plan to ensure a smooth transfer for all commanders. These are the changes that will influence every account in the game. All retrofits will be sold and their full price will be returned to your account. All commander and crew skills will undergo a reset and experience will also be returned to your account.

As for the rest, each player will be given the choice to either save current progression or perform a full reset. Players will have a month to decide, starting from the launch of Update 0.19.

Saving Progression

If you decide to save your progression, the following will happen:

  • If you obtained no Reputation using a vehicle, that vehicle will remain as it was
  • If you obtained any amount of Reputation, the vehicle will become fully unlocked with all of its upgrades available. Upgrades installed before the update will remain installed

Other improvements such as Battle-Hardened Status and Camouflage will remain untouched.


If a vehicle is moved to another Tier, you will receive its fully unlocked replacement for that Tier along with the vehicle that moved. For example, if you own the M1A2 Main Battle Tank, you will get to keep it but it will be moved to Tier 8. You will also receive its Tier 9 replacement, the M1A2 SEP v3. Camouflage, Battle-Hardened Status and Decals of the vehicle that moves to another Tier will be fully compensated. If the vehicle in question is removed from the game completely, you will receive its replacement as well as full compensation for any camouflage or battle-hardened status.

Please note that all the equipped consumables and tokens will be moved to your Inventory. All Premium vehicles that move to a higher Tier will remain in your possession at no extra charge.

Progression Reset

This choice will fully refund all account progress. With this option all the progression tanks in your garage will be sold. You will receive the entire sum of Credits and Gold spent on the vehicles themselves, their retrofits, the Battle-Hardened Status and decals along with all the Reputation you spent to unlock them. All the consumables and tokens will be moved to your inventory.


Each player can only choose to reset their progress once. The option will be available for a month, starting from the launch of Update 0.19. The reset is instant and requires no additional action from the player. Please note that your Premium vehicles will not be sold and will remain in your garage regardless of whether you choose to reset or not and Premium vehicles that move to a higher Tier will remain in your possession at no extra charge.

Please visit our website for more information on the Compensation Plan.

We'll see you on the battlefield!

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