Balance 2.0 - Artillery


Since the announcement of Balance 2.0 changes, we have carefully monitored your feedback on many topics. We noticed that there were many heated discussions, but few were as passionate as those about the Self-Propelled Gun class.


Based on your feedback as well as our ideas, we discussed and internally tested numerous options, the most prominent being the conversion of artillery vehicles to a direct fire class. Unfortunately, this solution did not completely meet our expectations.

Therefore, we have decided to introduce the following solution in Balance 2.0.

The artillery class will be removed from all game modes with the exception of PvE. In PvE, artillery vehicles will only be available as player vehicles and will not appear as AI opponents. The PvE artillery will retain its pre-Balance 2.0 indirect fire ability as well as the support shells mechanism, but it will also receive higher damage and mobility in order to make it competitive in Balance 2.0 PvE.

In the future, we will be looking into developing additional interesting artillery mechanisms in order to make the class gameplay more diverse.

Please note that players can always opt for a reset in case they are not satisfied with their vehicles’ new role.

We hope that you will like our decision and will see you on the battlefield!

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