AW PS4 Early Access now available!


It’s time to load your cannons and start your engines – Armored Warfare for Playstation 4 is launching on February 20, 2018!

But you can be amongst the first players to experience the full scale of mechanized combat today in the Early Access Phase!

Armored Warfare is a tactical shooter with three main modes available:

  • PvE Missions (5-man cooperative mode versus skilled AI-controlled opponents where you win by completing each mission’s objective, available in three difficulty levels)
  • Global Operations (large scale hybrid battlefield featuring both PvP and PvE elements with changing objectives where each team starts with a certain amount of points. You win by reducing enemy team’s points to zero by capturing objectives – battlefield domination is the key!)
  • PvP Battles (team deathmatch against other players where you win by killing them all or capturing enemy team’s base)

Early Access is now available!

See you on the battlefield!

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