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Hey everyone,

My name is Ivan (My game name is Tzar_Ivan, and I spend all of my free time playing video games… and no, I am not Russian, born in the USA!) and I’m the new brand manager dude on Armored Warfare. I wanted to take a second to tell you about what I do and how I’m planning to do it, but more importantly to ask for your help!

You may have noticed that we care a lot about what you all think. The very game itself is being constantly changed and adapted based on your feedback, my good friends Josh aka Jinxx71 and Kevin aka Freitag are doing a fantastic job of taking your advice and recommendations directly to the developers, and getting those changes put in place, but changing the game is not the only way that you can influence Armored Warfare.


To be honest, I have a really fun job. I get to come up with the events and campaigns and specials, what kind of bonuses and discounts to put into the game, and when to do big events. I get to come up with stupid puns to name things and build events with partners (like hardware manufacturers and gaming sites). I do also spend a lot of time filling out spreadsheets, but hey, no one’s job is perfect, right?

I’m writing to you because I want your help doing my job right. My job is to work from my side, just as Jinxx and Freitag do from their ends, to make the game and all the services around it the best that it possibly can be for the players, and that is what I want your help with.

If you had my job, what would you do? How would you market the game to yourself? Which partners would you want freebies from? What kinds of programs, campaigns, specials, discounts, would you put in place? Would you do specials on weekdays, or weekends? Do you play on holidays, should we do specials then? What about military holidays, or famous battles in the past? If so, which ones are your favorites? I’m a big fan of the Battle of 73 Easting. Want a battle of Easting bonus? How about half-off M1A1s? Give me your ideas, even if they are super crazy! I once recommend flying a branded blimp over NYC and having paratroopers with colored smoke signals jump out. Turned out that was really expensive and totally illegal, but hey if you have an idea like that we want to hear it! I can’t promise to do everything you ask, but I do promise to read all of it, and I swear to always do what I think is best for the players and the game.


Another part of my job is getting new players, and the best players that we can get are friends of existing players. How can we get all of your friends playing? If I gave you invite codes for your friends, what would you want in the codes? Where do you learn about new games? Let me know, and I can look into putting up ads or content in those areas. I’m definitely not averse to shamelessly bribing people who give good suggestions on the forums!

Silentstalker has been kind enough to open a forum thread for you to give me your ideas. Check it out here, and help to shape the game, both inside and out! We can’t tell you how much we appreciate your dedication, feedback, and most of all, attitude. I have never worked on a game with a nicer, less-caustic fan base than Armored Warfare, and I love it. Keep on doing what you’re doing, and we will keep doing our best to be true to you!

Thanks for everything.


Ivan Gold Brand Manager My.Com

PS: If you see me in game say hi!

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