Announcing the Global Server Launch


Today marks the third anniversary of the Armored Warfare launch and, on top of celebrating this important milestone with bonuses and great deals, we’d like to make a very important announcement which will shape the future of the game as we know it.

After months of secret preparations, we are proud to let you know that, soon after the testing is completed, we will be launching the Armored Warfare Global Server.


The Global Server will bring together players from all around the world, regardless of the server you are playing on right now. Europe, North America and Russia - after the process is complete, you will all be playing together. The main benefits everyone will immediately experience are the greatly reduced queue times and the instant availability of battles for any mode and every Tier.

This decision was carefully thought through and required a hefty amount of work over the course of the past months, as it carries a large number of technical challenges and risks. Ultimately though, we are convinced we managed to overcome all of them and believe that the new state of the game will pave the way for the service to be even more enjoyable than before for years to come. The new structure will also allow us to focus our resources on improving the game itself rather than maintaining separate game builds for different regions.

We are also happy to announce, that the Public Test of the Global Server will be launched very soon with the first iteration of the global database. We encourage everyone to visit it, see if their account got moved properly and provide us with as detailed feedback as possible so that we become aware of any issues with the system or design. The performance and availability of the server may be limited and not providing the best experience in battle as the game development team will be actively tinkering with the service all the time, but its launch, combined with your feedback, will help us immensely to make the launch as smooth as possible. More details about the availability will come soon.

But that’s not all. In the future, we plan to release a number of updates that will bring a lot of new content to the game, including more seasons with new Special Operations!

Overall, we are confident that most of you will love the changes we’ve prepared, as they improve the quality of life of every player and make for more comfortable and dynamic gameplay.

Finally, we’d like to thank you for your support. All of the above would not be possible without you, the players. We will do our best to make you enjoy spending your time with the game as much as we enjoy working on it every day.

Thank you and we’ll be seeing you on the battlefield!

  • Armored Warfare Team

Frequently Asked Questions (Click to Open)

Please keep in mind the below answers are subject to change.

When will the Global Server be released?

In the near future. Please note that this process will include a lengthy extended maintenance. The exact duration of the maintenance is not determined.

What will happen if more than one player has the same name on the Global Server?

The basic rule is that active players have the priority. If an active account has the same name as an inactive one, the active player will keep the name and the inactive account name will be reset for free.

Please note that the term “activity” is relative – in case someone was active two months ago and someone else with the same name was active three months ago, the account with an activity that took place two months ago will take precedence.

In case both accounts are used actively (have played within the last month before the launch of the Global Server), the older account will take precedence.

What will happen if more than one battalion has the same name on the Global Server?

Roughly the same rules as with the player names apply – in this case, the battalion with more recently active members will take precedence. If both battalions have the same number of recently active members, the older battalion will take precedence.

What if I played on both the NA and EU servers before the Global Server launch?

In case you played on both the EU and NA servers, the progress of your more active account (determined by the amount of Experience accumulated through gameplay) will be taken as the basis (Global Account ). The less active account will be referred to as secondary account. The following things will happen during the Global Server launch:

  • All the Reputation, Credits, Premium Time and Gold left on the secondary account will be added to the Global Account (this includes the Gold sent to both accounts from some of the earliest packs)
  • All the Experience earned using the secondary account progression vehicles will be converted to Reputation and added to the Global Account
  • The Credits spent on purchasing the secondary account progression vehicles and their upgrades will be available on the Global Account
  • The Premium vehicles present on the secondary account that are not on the Global Account will become available on the Global Account

Please note that if a player purchased the same Premium vehicle on each account separately, that vehicle will be compensated in Gold. If a player purchased the vehicle that was sent at the same time to both accounts, no compensation takes place.


  • All the obtained Commander Experience on the secondary account will be converted to Reputation and made available on the Global Account. All commander skill on the Global Account will be reset and available for redistribution
  • All the Loot Crates, Booster tokens, Insignia tokens, Retrofits and Consumables will be available on the Global Account, or compensated with Gold at full value
  • All the Camouflages, Base Paints and Decals will be available on the Global Account in case they aren’t unlocked on it already

I am a European server player and I do not play anywhere else. What will change for me?

Nothing, except for having many more new friends to play with. In some specific cases of older accounts, you may receive free Gold or Reputation that were awarded to your account for purchasing some of the earliest bundles. Being one of the earliest supporters pays off!

I am a North-American server player. What will change for me?

You too will have more friends to play with! Additional details are mentioned in the questions above.

I am a European or North American server player who also has an account on the Russian server. What will happen to those accounts?

You will be able to use both your accounts to log into the game – one for the Russian portal and one for the European and North-American one. The accounts will remain separate although they will be both playing on the same server.

Does this mean the Armored Warfare portals and forums will be united?

We have no such plans at the time.

Does this mean the offers and events will be united?

We will do our best to deliver the fairest amount of offers and events to our players regardless of their country of origin. While server-side events (such as the First Win of the Day bonuses) will from now on be affecting all players, there are events and contests as well as certain other events that will remain exclusive to specific users based on their location. Some events are not relevant to other audiences, and thus we will not be globally available. As time goes on, we will be closely observing your feedback and adapt.

Where will the Global Server be located?

The Global Server will feature a large-scale network infrastructure, a part of which will be located in Amsterdam, Moscow and San Francisco. You may experience ping changes after the launch of the Global Server, but our skilled technology experts are doing everything in their power to make your gameplay more comfortable.

Does the change mean that the RU region and the NA and EU regions will always have the same update version?


Will we be able to socialize with the CIS region players in the Global Chat?

Players will have the option to choose whether they want to see a unified Global Chat (common to all regions) or their own regional Global Chat. However, private messages and battle messages can be seen by everybody.

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