ACF Spring Cup


We are excited to announce another community-driven PvP tournament – the ACF Spring Cup, organized by the Armored Cyber Federation.


Do you have what it takes to defeat the best players on the server? Join and win one of the amazing prizes we’ve prepared for you!

Where does the event take place?

  • Language: English/Russian (English or Russian language required from the team captain)
  • Date: 18.3.2019 and beyond
  • Time: from 18:00 on week days and 14:00 on Saturday (9 AM PST on week days, 5 AM PST on Saturday)
  • Mode: PvP (Custom Match)
  • Team Size: 10 man teams (with up to 4 reservists)
  • Tournament Format: Group Stage (Best of Three) followed by Play-Offs
  • Maps: All standard PvP maps
  • Tier: 9-10 (Premium and other exclusive vehicles not permitted, commander Alisa Korhonen not permited)
  • Team Composition: Maximum 4 vehicles of one class, maximum 2 artillery vehicles, at least four classes must be used in one team

How to sign up?

The registration is open until 17.3.2019, 23:59 CET.


The best three teams will obtain the following prizes:

  • First place: Tier 9 Premium vehicle of team’s choice for the whole team (or its price in Gold)
  • Second place: Tier 8 Premium vehicle of team’s choice for the whole team (or its price in Gold)
  • Third place: Tier 7 Premium vehicle of team’s choice for the whole team (or its price in Gold)
  • Fourth place: 1.500 Gold for each member of the Team

It is also possible to select lower Tier Premium vehicle than the Tier of the prize you won and receive the difference between its Gold price and the price of the won prize instead. In other words, ending up third will make you entitled to the prize of a Tier 7 Premium vehicle worth 5.500 Gold. You can however choose to receive a Tier 6 vehicle worth 3.250 Gold. The difference (2.250 Gold) will be paid out to you along with the Tier 6 vehicle. The Gold price of a Tier 9 vehicle is 14.000 Gold.

Additionally, every tournament participant will also receive one day of Premium Time.

Rules and Organizer

The host of this Event is the Armored Cyber Federation. You can find the list of rules following this link.

We'll see you on the battlefield!

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