PTS Server Changes

We want to thank everyone that participated in PTS (Public Test Server) over the last week. It was great to have you log in and get a preview of what is coming in EA4.

The testing and feedback allowed us to create two patches based on feedback to make sure that the EA4 test is more stable and balanced.

We will continue to use this server to further improve the game and give Obsidian faster feedback on the state of the game so that fixes and updates can rapidly be implemented. We have also heard your comments about having expanded hours so that everyone has access to some portion of the testing process.

Our Plan Going Forward

  • The PTS server will be brought back up today at 4pm PDT with same version is now available on the EA4 server.
  • PTS server will also be updated with new versions as soon as they are available, the next update is scheduled for Monday Aug 17th
  • Hours for PTS server will then be expanded to the same hours of EA3. There are not enough players to fill a complete 24/7 cycle, but we do feel that everyone around the globe should have access for some periods to be able to give their feedback!
  • These hours will be the following:
    • 11am – 11pm PDT (2pm – 2am EDT) (8pm – 8am CEST) on weekdays
    • non-stop on weekends
  • All restrictions will be removed. If you can Access EA4 you will be able to access the PTS server. (starting tomorrow August 14th)
  • All Tier 4 vehicles will be unlocked.
  • Reputation and Credit gain will remain at X5 for every battle!

We are excited about these changes and hope that they show that we value and listen to our community no matter their location in the world.

See you on the battlefield!

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