Mission: Betrayal

By undertaking this mission, Samuel Thorpe chooses to assault the nearby U.S. Army base. Perihelion has a good standing relationship with the U.S. Army, the nature of which Samuel Thorpe isn’t sure about. However, the base offers the opportunity to capture a lot of resources.



  • 70 men
  • 3 vehicles

The list of current Perihelion assets can be found here.

Time Frame:

  • Start: October 7, 00:01 CEST
  • End: October 20, 23:59 CEST
  • Game days: 14


  • Play at least 48 battles in the PvP (Random Battles) mode using a Storyline Campaign vehicle while maintaining at least 65% winrate during the mission period (+15% difficulty modifier included)

Please note that playing any additional PvP battles during the period this mission is active (using the Storyline Campaign vehicles) will count towards the winrate goal. If you play 48 battles and win 32 of them (66.6% winrate) and then you lose for example 2 battles before October 20, 23:59 CEST, your result will have counted as having played 50 battles with 64% winrate, therefore failing the mission.

This is a very difficult mission. Before attempting it, make sure you understand the consequences.

Special Rules:

  • Gamble: You are driving conspicuous Russian vehicles in an area where everyone noticed you already and where the good patriotic people not only do not like corporations and Russians, but also love and support the U.S. Army, all the while most of your troops are American (+25% difficulty modifier, any negative battle results will yield an additional -1 modifier to Morale)
  • Night Assault: The dark colors your vehicles are covered with will now come in handy (-5% difficulty modifier)
  • Codebreaker: Samuel Thorpe is proficient in breaking basic forms of code and is familiar with U.S. Army procedures (-5% difficulty modifier)
  • Smart: During his interview, Samuel Thorpe displayed an affinity for solving complex issues on the fly (Contextual player advice: attempting this mission is very risky and the chance for a negative result is fairly high; this could set you back considerably)


  • 6 Platinum Loot Crates
  • 10 MPF Light Tanks for the Top 10 participants (by winrate)
  • MPF Light Tank becomes a Storyline Campaign vehicle

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