Gail Espinoza


  • Date of Birth: ???
  • Age: ???
  • Place of Birth: ???

Little is known of Gail Espinoza’s past and she certainly likes to keep it that way. Diminutive in stature, she more than makes up for her size handicap with her choleric personality. She’s brave to the point of being foolhardy but at the same time strangely indecisive when it comes to everything Perihelion-related.

Slow to trust and keeping everyone at arm’s length, Gail Espinoza is one giant mystery wrapped in an enigma even to her peers as she never talks about her past save for a few shreds of information. Her and David Murdoch clearly have some sort of past as he tends to trust her the most and did put her in charge of his armed forces until the arrival of Samuel Thorpe. This change in leadership made her somewhat bitter as she feels she once again has to prove herself to someone new. Despite this setback, she's fiercely protective of Murdoch and for reasons unknown, she seemingly harbors ill feelings to Norah Ferguson.

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