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Question: Will the terrain influence the way a tank moves? Answer: Yes. Terrain in Armored Warfare is separated into three categories:

  • Paved roads (asphalt/paved/concrete)
  • Off-road terrain (hard, soft, grass)
  • Muddy and difficult terrain

For the purpose of the movement calculations, vehicles are split into several categories as well:

  • AFV (tracked)
  • AFV (wheeled)
  • TD (tracked)
  • TD (wheeled)
  • Light tanks
  • MBT’s
  • SPG’s

Each type of terrain interacts a bit differently with each class and influences three main movement parameters – top speed, acceleration and traverse – by giving each of the categories listed above either a certain modifier. Sometimes terrain even gives a bonus to movement: for example the wheeled AFV’s move even faster on paved roads while the tracked AFV’s are doing very well in rough terrain compared to other classes.

Question: Are you planning on adding more wheeled vehicles like a Humvee? Answer: Yes, many more vehicles are planned.


Question: Will there be artillery with autoloaders? Answer: We are testing such variant. Our first concern however is to introduce a fun and well-balanced element. Should this mechanism prove unsuitable for the SPG class, we will not insist on having it in the game.

Question: Will there be an in-game voice communication system? This is especially relevant for platoons or team battles. Answer: This feature is planned for the future. There is however no current estimate on when it will be implemented.

Question: Could maps ever consist of multi-level elements - underground like tunnels or multi-store buildings? Answer: Multi-level buildings are not built to withstand the weight of main battle tanks. The multilevel principle is of course possible (there are bridges in Armored Warfare) but closed areas (unless you make them unrealistically big) interfere with the camera positioning and generally offer poor gameplay. Therefore we prefer not to introduce such enclosed spaces.

Question: Will we see other game modes than the regular random battle? For example “king of the hill”, “escort a convoy” etc. Answer: Yes. We are planning to introduce the PvE part of the game that will incorporate multiple missions, modes and objectives. For the future, we are also planning multiple PvP modes such as Encounter, Conquest and Garage Battles

Question: How "different" does a vehicle have to be to qualify as being stand-alone? Answer: This is not as much a question of difference between various models but the question of game balance and vehicle parameters. These cases are usually decided individually with taking the vehicle armor, mobility and firepower into account. The same vehicle up-gunned with a radically more powerful gun (for example the NATO jump from 105mm rifled to 120mm smoothbore) is very likely to be split into two vehicles that appear on multiple tiers. Same goes for older vehicles that are up-armored by cutting edge ERA for example, prolonging their lifespan significantly. Other candidates for multiple splits are the entire series of vehicles with many variants (for example the T-64 and T-72 medium tanks) that can be distributed to two or even three tiers.

Question: Does AW's in-game development have limitation because of server side calculations? Answer: Server-side calculations are certainly demanding– not only for servers but also data transfer-wise. Luckily for us the network part of the CryEngine is excellent and handles these issues very well (this was one of the reasons why we chose this engine). Optimizations however have to be made in order to save data transfer capacity.

Question: Do AW developers consider having their own made-up vehicles if there are no candidates for the specific dealer? Answer: Absolutely not. We are not bound by the restrictions of having to implement vehicles from one particular country in one branch and thus there is no need for us to make stuff up.

Question: Will there be a colorblind mode? Answer: Yes, this feature is planned and has high priority.

Question: Will there be various personal statistics that track our progress such as average experience for a given tank, battles played and win rate? Answer: Yes, we are preparing a detailed statistics tracking system.

Question: Are you considering adding self-propelled AA guns such as the Gepard for example? Answer: Yes, we are considering adding them in the future.

Question: Have the developers considered a League of Legends-style tribunal system to fight toxicity and griefing? It was very effective there. Answer: It is one of the systems that we are looking into. No specific decision however was made yet.

Question: Will the T-14 be able to survive ammo rack explosions? After all, it has an unmanned turret. Answer: We don’t want to have tanks without any offensive means in battle and that includes wrecked turrets. Unmanned turret vehicles (especially those with thin-armored turrets) will be implemented by reducing the damage the vehicle takes when the unmanned parts are shot at. This mechanism will be tuned so that firing for full damage at the armored hull will always be a viable choice. With that being said, in Armored Warfare under certain circumstances a vehicle can survive an ammo rack explosion (to simulate a “save” from armored ammunition compartment for example) but the damage dealt by ammunition explosion is massive.

Question: Tell us about the accuracy shell distribution in Armored Warfare? Answer: Shells will end within the aim circle using normal shell distribution. We are still experimenting with different values for the distribution curve which will be noticeable in the Early Access testing. Right now, players can expect 38% of their shots to land within the inner 20% of the aiming circle.

Question: As a private army commander, will we have to buy resources for vehicles and upgrading or is that too complicated? Answer: Vehicles will be upgraded only through module and retrofit systems. More information on the exciting retrofit system will come soon.

Question: Will visual camouflage be restricted based on the environment of the map? Answer: It is possible the players will be able to select which visual camouflage they want to have on their vehicle on any map – however this element was not yet finalized.

Question: Will the terrain be destroyable? Answer: The maps will not feature destroyable terrain at launch. While this is a feature we think could be really cool to see, there are many technological challenges that would need to be overcome before it would be ready to be in the live game.

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