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Question: Does AW consider making the UI customizable, such as reticle shape and color? Answer: While UI customization will initially be limited to just turning different HUD elements on and off, we do have plans to introduce increasing levels of customization over time. Initially we will add adjustments such as reticle color or shape, but we eventually hope to offer the ability to select from different color schemes for the whole UI and possibly enable support for community reskins of the menus and HUD.

Question: Will there also be a software development kit for AW? Answer: We are not planning that at the moment.


Question: Can we expect user created skins in Armored Warfare? Answer: In the Early Access phase modifications will not be allowed. It will not be possible to replace model files within the game as those will be covered by protective measures.

Question: Will it be possible for players to trade tanks or gold amongst themselves? Answer: No, we are not planning such a thing. Although this would be an attractive feature, it has many drawbacks including – amongst other things – attracting a large number of account hackers, scammers, and gold selling spammers, an issue known from other games to make the life of both players and developers much more difficult.

Question: Is the 15 player team size for random battles final? Answer: Yes. After multiple rounds of testing and experimenting with various sizes, we have confirmed that the 15 player size is ideal for our needs and the best gameplay.

Question: Armored Warfare is focusing mainly on modern vehicles. Does this however mean that old vehicles will not be added because of their age, regardless of whether or not they'd be unbalanced in-game? An example would be the IS-7 Soviet heavy tank that is quite powerful but comes before the time frame. Answer: We want to present the players with dynamic and active gameplay. Few old vehicles do fit into that picture. On the other hand, we do not have any specific year set before which the vehicle would be unacceptable and thus it is possible for old but very powerful vehicle to appear in Armored Warfare.

Question: Do all commanders have the same perks or are there commanders with specific tank type perks (for example perks usable for one class only)? Answer: The commander system is currently undergoing changes to make it more interesting. It is completely possible for certain commanders to be more proficient in certain classes.

Question: What software is used when modeling tanks and maps? Answer: Our vehicles are primarily modeled in 3DS Max with some texture work made in other programs. Our maps are put together entirely with the CryENGINE editor though the individual modeled props are also created in 3DS Max.


Question: Are you going to model and add the entire Armata series in the game, including the T-15? Answer: It’s possible.

Question: I’d like to see a damage counter and hit-log (a list where the damage I have done and to me is displayed) – will you add such a function? Answer: We are continuing to evaluate the option for a Damage Counter and Hit Log. At this point, we are considering developing them as options to be enabled in the UI Options screen with them disabled by default but we have not made a final decision about whether to implement them or not.

Question: Certain vehicles in real life have variable rate of fire depending on whether they are moving or not (for example the Leclerc). Will you model this mechanism? Answer: The rate of fire of all the vehicles will be constant regardless of whether they move or not. There are two reasons for this decision. First is the obvious one – simplification of the reload mechanism, we do not want players to feel confused as to why some vehicles are firing slower on the move and some are not. Secondary is the gameplay – having a stationary vehicle fire faster promotes the infamous “camping” and we want to have the gameplay dynamic without main battle tanks hiding behind bushes for maximum rate of fire.

Question: Are there any plans to produce "raid-like" content as hardcore endgame PvE? Answer: Yes, there are plans for hardcore PvE scenarios. PvE mechanism news will be disclosed when they are ready.

Question: Will there be different types of ERA on different vehicles? If so, what is the difference in game? Answer: Yes. The very basic (simplified) division is to “light” ERA and “heavy” ERA. “Light” ERA usually stops only HEAT shells. “Heavy” ERA weighs – as its name suggests – more and includes (apart from the standard explosive blocs) also hefty chunks of metal, providing extra protection against kinetic penetrators.

Question: Will there be national voiceovers? Answer: We are planning several voice-localized versions of the game. The function of “national” voice crews (the Spanish crewmember speaking Spanish, the French one speaking French etc.) is however currently not planned – in Armored Warfare the crews are multi-national (each crewmember possibly from a different country) and it would make no sense for them to speak in different languages – a French commander would like communicate with his Polish driver in English.

Question: Will the atmospheric conditions in various maps (rain, snow and blizzard for example) be variable? Answer: Yes, we are preparing a mechanism where the weather can change, even during the battle. Weather conditions will affect the gameplay by for example limiting the viewrange or by blowing away the smokescreen during heavy wind. The dynamic weather elements will not be present in our maps initially as we wanted to focus on getting the maps balanced and fun as possible before we introduce additional variables into the matches that take place on them. Once we feel we have accomplished that, we will begin phasing in the dynamic weather systems we have planned that will have impacts on gameplay mechanics once fully implemented.

Question: What is the current RNG factor when it comes to damage and penetration? Is it final? Answer: We are currently running with a +/-10% randomization on shell Penetration and Damage for AP and HE shell types. HEAT shells have a +/-15% randomization for Penetration and Damage to better reflect the additional complexities involved with HEAT shell impacts in real life.

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