David Murdoch


  • Date of Birth: ???
  • Age: ???
  • Place of Birth: ???

David Murdoch is a legendary investor who made his fortune in the 1980s and 1990s thanks to his almost preternatural ability to recognize trends and invest in tech companies that would later come up with future-shaping technologies.

While he remains one of America’s richest people, his days of acquiring wealth seem to be behind him as he focuses on philanthropy and public appearances including lectures and TED talks, leaving his fortune in the care of Perihelion staff.

David Murdoch does not generally participate in politics, but his deeply traditionalist views have earned him more than a few enemies amongst the U.S. elite. Otherwise, little is known about his life, including his marital status, parental status or place of residence. By his own account, he was married at one point in his life since he sometimes references a wife in his speeches, although always in past tense only. What transpired exactly is unknown.

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