Force Status

In this section, you'll find the current Perihelion force status. Back to the Storyline Campaign Hub.


Active Campaign Rules

Vehicles of Choice – Samuel Thorpe chose to arm his outfit with Russian MBTs. These vehicles are considerably rarer than their older Cold War era counterparts, but a number of them made it to the American market. They are expensive to buy and even more expensive to keep running, but only a few of these will give your outfit the firepower normally reserved for actual military units and corporations, and the respect that goes with it. This category includes the following vehicles: T-80U, T-90, T-72B3, T-90A, T-90MS, BMPT-72 and BMPT Mod.2017.

  • Difficulty modifier: +30%
  • Professional: Only professional PMCs and large corporate units can afford contemporary military-grade hardware. Your opponents and allies will take you very seriously, which is not always a good thing, as you will definitely not pass unnoticed. On the bright side, with one of these vehicles, you can take on pretty much anyone. (Difficulty modifier when fighting corporations: 0%, difficulty modifier when fighting national armies: +20%, all rewards are increased by 10%)
  • Russian: With these vehicles in your outfit and some preparations, you can (at least generally) pass as a member of the Russian military (may lead to some contextual bonuses, depending on your choices), but don’t expect a warm welcome in the United States of America
  • Mods: These vehicles will be possible to upgrade using a Modification mechanism in later episodes

Bonus Rules

  • Smart: During his interview, Samuel Thorpe displayed an affinity for solving complex issues on the fly. Difficulty modifier: -20%
  • Codebreaker: Samuel Thorpe is proficient in breaking basic forms of code. This may lead to contextual bonuses depending on your choices.

Difficulty modifier refers to the basic difficulty of the event (which is 3 played battles per day or a derivation thereof) – in other words, a hypothetical future 30 day objective will require you to play 90 battles, while a 10% difficulty modifier will increase the requirement to 99 battles and so on.

  • Current base difficulty modifier: 10%
  • Current base reward modifier: 10%


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