Storyline Campaign

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Campaign Hub

In this section, you'll find the current Storyline Campaign objective and the complete story.


Force Status

In this section, you'll find the current status of Perihelion forces with their respective modifiers and assets.



In this section, you'll find more information about the world of Storyline Campaign, its history and lore.


Shards of the Past

In this section, you'll find various pieces of Armored Warfare game history, including previously unseen game assets. Complete campaign’s Secret Objectives to unlock more Shards of the Past.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Storyline Campaign?

The Storyline Campaign is a multi-month story-driven event where players complete difficult objectives to win considerable prizes. The core of the Storyline Campaign is an Armored Warfare storyline and lore where player decisions influence the progress of the story directly. The campaign consists of several Episodes. All Episodes must be completed by you to receive the ultimate reward.

How can I participate in the Storyline Campaign?

First, you need to register yourself for it with your in-game name. Open registration was available during the Prologue episode and ended with its conclusion. Registration may open again during the course of the Storyline Campaign, please follow the Armored Warfare portal to learn about new opportunities to gain access to the campaign.

Once registered, you must complete the main objective indicated in each Episode to continue. Please see the Current Status section for the list of objectives. Please also note that to continue in the campaign and to gain the Ultimate Campaign Reward, you must complete all its episodes in sequential order. What that means is, to be able to complete Episode 2, you must complete Episode 1. To be able to complete Episode 3, you must complete Episode 2 – and so on.

What is the Ultimate Campaign Reward?

To be disclosed but rest assured, it will be substantial (think high-Tier Premium vehicle).

What if I need to skip an episode, for example due to vacation or health reasons?

Catch-up mechanics of various types will become available throughout the campaign so if you miss an episode, you’ll be able to continue. However, please note that this is not advised for multiple episodes in a row.

How long is one Episode available?

Roughly a month with a break of several weeks between Episodes. The whole campaign will take roughly a year or more to complete.

I am interested in the story. Where can I read it from the beginning?

On our dedicated page. Please note, however, that the story is only available in English.

I am seeing references to campaign choices. What’s that about?

During the Storyline Campaign, the community will be able to make various choices either by voting, or by their action. As an example, playing a certain vehicle may influence the story direction in a specific way. These conditions are described in separate Episode articles and in dedicated portal articles. Participating in these choices is optional and is there for the players immersed in the campaign’s lore and story. To get your hands on the ultimate rewards, all you need to do is completing the main objective of each episode, as described above.


Campaign Archive

In this section, you'll find all the archived article links to the Storyline Campaign content in their original form and chronological order.

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