Perihelion Update #15


Today, we’d like to update the Perihelion event status.


The following mission is now over:

In this mission, you received the opportunity to change Perihelion’s vehicle outfit by playing the vehicles you deem the most interesting or would like to appear with Perihelion skins. The top community choices were, in this order:

  • BMPT Mod.2017
  • Ramka-99
  • 2S38 Derivatsiya
  • T-90A Burlak
  • BMPT Mod.2000

As your choice reflected the previous choice, the vehicle list of Perihelion will not change and BMPT Mod.2017 Black Mamba remains Samuel Thorpe’s vehicle of choice. His future skills will therefore reflect that choice.

The winners of each mission are listed in their respective articles. The winners will receive all their prizes in short order.

Please note that Commander Samuel Thorpe will be distributed only after an issue with his localization file is fixed.

Story Update

A Perihelion story update is now available. Visit the Story article to read the entire story.

The story will be concluded in the near future and you'll have an important piece of feedback to submit. Until then:

See you on the battlefield!

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