Community-Highlight: Winter-Wettbewerbsergebnisse


Die Winterferien sind leider vorbei, aber es bleibt noch eins zu feiern – die Gewinner unserer Winterwettbewerbe bekannt zu geben! Hier sind sie.


Die folgenden Spieler haben den Wintertarnwettbewerb gewonnen:

Erster Platz – Rice_Cooker


Zweiter Platz – Amppy


Dritter Platz – Jura20702



Wettbewerb: Weihnachtsschmaus

Die folgenden Spieler haben den Weihnachtsfest-Wettbewerb gewonnen, um ein winterliches Verbrauchsmaterial zu entwerfen:

Erster Platz – Hot Chocolate (Your-Mum)

When you and your men have been out in the field for days, running on fumes for energy, and just want to take a moment to rest and warm up, you take a pouch out of your storage compartment and brew up a nice hot pot of hot chocolate. Sometimes it’s the smallest things that are appreciated the most. And this gift to your crew is appreciated more than you know.

  • Crew Awareness +5%
  • Crew Survivability +5%
  • Crew Mental Stability +5%
  • Commander and Crew Relationship +25%
  • Gunner Reload Speed +5%
  • Driver Adaptability +5%

Zweiter Platz – Nitrous Oxide Booster (gringo)

How Does Nitrous Oxide Help an Engine Perform Better? When you heat nitrous oxide to about 570 degrees F (~300 C), it splits into oxygen and nitrogen. So the injection of nitrous oxide into an engine means that more oxygen is available during combustion. Because you have more oxygen, you can also inject more fuel, allowing the same engine to produce more power. Nitrous oxide is one of the simplest ways to provide a significant horsepower boost to any engine: Nitrous oxide has another effect that improves performance even more. When it vaporizes, nitrous oxide provides a significant cooling effect on the intake air. When you reduce the intake air temperature, you increase the air's density, and this provides even more oxygen inside the cylinder.

  • Kick Ass Acceleration Boost

Dritter Platz – Whiskey Making Kit (Iron_Monti)

A whiskey making kit allowing the crew to brew their own whiskey. Once activated, a 30 to 90 days cooldown is activated before the consumable effects become active. Effect can last several hours depending on the quantity (and quality) produced.

  • -50% crew stats
  • -100% Crew XP gain
  • Driver has trouble understanding directions and randomly steers into a unwanted direction
  • Commander sees double and has difficulties identifying targets
  • Gunner might traverse the turret in the wrong direction and shoot at the wrong target
  • 10% chance to suffer ammorack damage whenever the loader loads the gun. Reload time is randomized
  • Crew HP is doubled
  • Spotted icon appears randomly
  • Team communication is incomprehensible
  • Personal score at the end of the match is grossly overestimated
  • When respawning in PvE and GLOPS, the location is random every time
  • FOV is locked at the minimum value

Wettbewerb: Feuerwerk

Die folgenden Spieler haben den Feuerwerkswettbewerb gewonnen, um das beste Explosionsvideo zu erstellen:

Erster Platz – Rice_Cooker

Zweiter Platz – P4nzerMermelade

Dritter Platz – NiceTryyy

Wettbewerb: Winter-Screenshots

Die folgenden Spieler haben den Wettbewerb gewonnen, um den besten Winter-Screenshot zu erstellen (in keiner bestimmten Reihenfolge):











Alle Spieler werden ihre Preise in naher Zukunft erhalten. Vielen Dank für Ihre Teilnahme an unseren Wettbewerben und wie immer:

Wir sehen uns auf dem Schlachtfeld!

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